Greg Silverman

Unique Artist of the Month,” March 2019

Greg Silverman has always found various ways to express his creativity over the years.  In the last 5 years he’s rediscovered his passion for drawing through experimentation with a variety of mediums.  Over time, he has settled on an abstract surreal style, which he calls Organized Chaos.

Greg creates most of his work in the moment.  He looks for ideas and concepts that inspire him to create unique pieces that are very personal.  Often, he starts a piece with no direction of what he’s trying to make, with only a few lines on the page.  Then, out of nowhere, he will see something in the lines, and from that first thought, an entire idea will come together.

New York City and comics have always been a big influence for Greg.  These elements are evident in his intense line work and the buildings that are incorporated in his drawings.

Currently, Greg is working towards refining his style and making a big name for himself in the art community.

See more of Greg’s work on his Instagram page: @chaotic_suicide