Tanya Clarke 

SUA’s “Unique Artist of the Month,” July 2019

Tanya Clarke was raised in Ottawa, Canada. Born into an activist family, her father, Tony Clarke, instilled in her a commitment to environmental conservation.

Clarke’s “Liquid Light” sculpture series, which combines reclaimed plumbing and hand-sculpted glass drops illuminated with low-voltage lights, originated from this upbringing. An ongoing topic of conversation throughout her life, her work serves as a reminder that water is a precious commodity. The artist states: “The series was born out of a dedication to my father’s inspiration, a desire to carry on his legacy as a tangible example in the conservation of water.”

Tanya Clarke’s “Liquid Light” sculptures are featured in galleries, museums and private collections around the world, including the collections of Justin Trudeau, Russell Crowe, Susan Sarandon, Seth Rogen and the Prince of Morocco.

A percentage of all “Liquid Lights” proceeds go towards the education and action on global water justice issues through the grassroots organization, The Polaris Institute.

See more of Tanya’s Work by clicking the image below:

Tanya Clarke