About Our WHNY-TV Reporters

Amanda Bertoncini

Well known as a cast member on the Bravo hit reality series, “Long Island Princesses” and for Drink Hanky, her very own line of high-fashion drank holders, Amanda is WHNY-TV’s special reporter for its “Places to Chill” segment.


Louisa Bikowski

An actor and ballroom dance instructor, Louisa’s spunky and cheerful personality make her the perfect fit as a  special events reporter for WHNY-TV.

Carly Dufford

Lively actor and dancer, with a very positive attitude, Carly  is WHNY-TV’s New York sports and special events reporter.


Alex Fishkin

This print model, with a culinary background, will guide WHNY-TV viewers through food and sports related events.

Megan Lynch

As a seasoned commercial actress, print model and the anchor for Society of Unique Artist’s “Extreme Art Television” program, Megan is the perfect host to give WHNY-TV viewers an inside peek into VIP and red carpet events.


Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders is WHNY-TV’s loquacious in-studio host, who will wrap up all events reported on by our WHNY-TV reporters