Unique Art Awards

Annual Awards Event Promoting and Highlighting Unique Artists and Art Forms

Society of Unique Artists created the annual Unique Art Awards in order to advance its non-profit mission of promoting and highlighting unique artists and art forms.

This exciting awards event acknowledges an assortment of unique artists and art forms in various media in order to educate and expose the public to new and unfamiliar art forms.  The winners of each art category are selected by a panel of industry professionals, and are only announced the night of the event.

SUA’s Unique Art Awards is taped for television and is currently broadcast on New York City’s MNN and Bronxnet stations.  It is formatted in the same style as other major awards events, such as the Oscar’s, Emmy’s and Grammy’s.  However, the Unique Art Awards stands alone as the only major awards event which focuses on art.

The Unique Art Awards promises to continue to inspire artists and audiences by showcasing new and innovative concepts in art.