Society of Unique Artists, Inc. (SUA) is a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit art organization, whose mission is to find, highlight and promote new, unique and extreme art forms. We hope to set a new standard in the art world through the discovery and promotion of these “unique” art forms.

“Unique” art can be mentally or physically challenging, underrated, undiscovered, or unrecognized. It can be found in sports, music, performances and in our everyday lives. We promote artists who are disabled, unconventional, extreme and culturally diverse. We are always searching for something new.

In an effort to further our mission, we produce the television program, “Extreme Art Television” and the annual awards event, “The Unique Art Awards,” which recognizes the most extreme and unique artists of the year.

We know that with the  backing of the public we can continue to promote these amazing artists in order to enrich our community.

Please continue to support and follow us on our quest to advance the arts.